The Dorm

Melbourne, Australia
Some people I know would talk about making the impossible possible. Often making the choice is the hard part and the doing of it is just the output. So once we’d decided what we were doing (and it wasn’t even impossible), it was just a matter of following through on all the details. In our case these included painting and tidying up the house, moving all our belongings into Tardis storage, and getting all our mail sent to a PO box.

But there was just one final thing….the car. What do you do with a spare Womble, who is used to wombling free in the Australian bush? You take him to a womble dorm, of course. We’ve heard some of the best womble dorms are in Melbourne, so naturally we headed there.

It was an uncomfortable 7 days in the car with some amazing views of the cliffs along the bight as well as the surprising beauty of traversing the scarp. During the 3626km trip we saw huge birds, crazy cyclists, camels and all sorts of deep-fried roadhouse food before once again rejoining civilisation. Once the Womble was safely stowed in his new dorm, we spent a delightfully long and lazy weekend catching up with the Melbournistas.

All our possessions had now been taken care of….except, oh shit, where was the bike?


  1. Woop! Now I see what that was like, that whole debacle. Bet you’re glad that’s all done and I’m assuming you are now officially On The Road??? 😉

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