Singapore, Singapore
The mission has been decided. The press team have produced the small explanatory video below for the lay-public. The crew have been given their assignments and mission control has given the green light.

Like the unsung heroes of any endeavour, like the Belgian EPO smugglers for Amstrong’s conquests (Lance not Neil), we wouldn’t be ready or capable of this adventure without a fine team of supporting individuals.

In no particular order or importance we thank:

Bruce & Hiroe for their bed, beer and bikes
Jason, Lilli & Jett for their home, advice and skills
Jillian & Laurie for their ambience, comfortable bed and river views
Kylie & Justin for their dogs and documents
Everyone at the SES for teaching us things to keep us alive and not lost
Mum & Dad for scary advice
Anna & Jamie for looking after our child
Susan at Wombat Force for logistics and project management
Les for her cups of tea and chocolate
Carl at Flying T Pot for our fantastic pannier racks
Vince at Bassendean Motorcycles for advice and gearbox skills
Ivan at Bikes Abroad for advice and shipping knowledge
Chandran & Dilip at Hammock Holidays for monsoon advice

And all those who gave us lodgings, coaching and encouragement in the lead up to this trip!

Click HERE for good quality youtube version if you have trouble viewing the video in this blog


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